Things to do in Dubrovnik: Your Dubrovnik Holidays

If you target Dubrovnik as your next holidays destination, you came to the right place. And if you’re not, stay with us and we will make you change your opinion. Now, Dubrovnik is a well-developed tourist destination with everything you look at when planning holidays: beaches, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants and nightclubs. You name it. We will teach you everything you need to know and, afterwards, you won’t look like just another unprepared tourist.

Some of our titles include Walls of Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik’s old town, the hotels in Dubrovnik etc. Of course, money is key for any trip you ever take. We have taken this under consideration and will help you by introducing somewhat cheaper prices.

What to do in Dubrovnik

This magical town is rich in terms of monuments, museums, churches, art shows and nightlife, among others. Our list begins with the Walls of Dubrovnik, its most popular sightseeing location. But we ‘ll talk about it in just a minute or two.

Next up is one activity, sea kayaking, where you can take a kayak tour and make your way to Dubrovnik’s walls, forts, towers and beaches by sea, enjoying wonderful views along the way. Almost all online users gave rated the tour with 5 stars, saying it was an amazing experience. And who wouldn’t take the tour, knowing it’s only 35 Euros for a three-hour tour.

Lokrum is a small island close to the coast of Dubrovnik. It’s a monument of landscape and a protected natural reserve, as well as the largest park inside the town borders. Lokrum can be reached by ferries which are taking off from Dubrovnik more than ten times during the day. A ticket for adults costs 80 Kuna and for children 20 Kuna at most.

With this activity we are going to present, you will be in Dubrovnik, but will feel like you’re in Rio. It’s not paragliding, but it will still take you high up in the air. One cable car takes you from downtown Dubrovnik up to Mount Srđ (778 meters high). The trip is over in less than 5 minutes. Tickets aren’t quite cheap – the ones for adults are set at 108 Kuna, whilst those for kids cost 50 Kuna.

Finally, for all of you youngsters or those who still feel young, nightlife is a ‘must’ in a town like this one. You can go clubbing anywhere, but good clubs are hard to find. The best out there could easily be Revelin – they host DJs from the Ultra Festival, such as R3HAB, Don Diablo and Sebastian Ingrosso. If you want to avoid crowds and would rather enjoy your night(s) in a smaller club, check out some of the following: Club Lazareti, Latino Club Fuego, Park Orsula – Open Air Stage and Capitano Bar Dubrovnik.

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