Places around Dubrovnik – Islands of Šipan, Lopud, Koločep; Cavtat, Molunat, Trsteno etc.

Dubrovnik is one of those lonely towns who aren’t surrounded by any big places. It counts around 40,000 residents and all of the places around Dubrovnik are nowhere near that number when it comes to the number of people living there.

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First of the three island near Dubrovnik that we have selected is Šipan, a place belonging to the Elaphite Islands. With just 500 residents, Šipan seems to be a small, quiet place ideal for those who are looking for a peaceful vacation. Fun fact: there are 34 churches on Šipan. Lopud is next, interesting for its history – many ruins from Ancient Greece and Rome had been found on the island. Koločep is the smallest one, also filled with churches and many breathtaking views.island sipan holidays visit boat trip

Cavtat is the only town nearby worth of singling out. Founded around 228 B.C., Cavtat lives on its history. It’s the hometown of the famous Croatian painter Vlaho Bukovac and a politician Frano Supilo. The tourism-based place has around 2000 residents and is the southest town in Croatia.

Foto: Hans Põldoja, Ben Bawden

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