Hotels in Dubrovnik: Where to stay in Dubrovnik, best hotels

This town can be proud of how many 5-star hotels they have – they will never run out of place for people who want to have the most luxurious experience here. Certain websites, such as and feature reviews from people who have stayed not only in those 5-star hotels, but all across Dubrovnik. Nevertheless, if you’re still interested in ‘only the best’, check out hotels Rixos Libertas, Hilton Imperial, Bellevue, Grand Villa, Dubrovnik Palace etc.

Now, if you’re looking for cheaper accommodation (whether for hotels or hostels), some of Dubrovnik’s hotel owners offer really affordable prices, as you won’t even feel like they’ve relieved the weight of you wallet. Guest House Daniela is on that list, among the highest-rated accommodations on tourist websites. The cheapest room costs 243 Kuna (30 euros) per night, which doesn’t seem to much, does it? The average reviewer rates it at 4,0/5.

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The only apartments that are rated better are Apartments Kovacec with 4,4/5. That’s also the highest review average, beating all the other cheap hotels/hostels. You will pay a little less than 60 euros for a night; the amazing view from the terrace speaks for itself. Go and check it out! But we still haven’t spoken about the most interesting one. The City Place is an apartment located just steps away from the town’s main street, Stradun. You cannot be closer to the center than this! It’s rated at 3,0/5. You won’t believe what the lowest possible price is. You can get a room for 210 Kuna – that’s less than 30 Euros!

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