Dubrovnik weather: Weather forecast in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik’s climate would be best described as something between humid subtropical and Mediterranean climate. The average annual air temperature is 16.4˚, with the sea temperature from May to September at approximately 18 – 24˚. August is the warmest month, because the temperatures reach around 26˚, and the sea is very warm at that point. The coldest month is January (10˚c).

Ideal for summer lovers and passionate swimmers during the heat, Dubrovnik has a pleasant climate that rarely gets a bit too hot, but never too cold. If you’re a tourist arriving by car, be sure to tune in to HRT radio, where they broadcast news in English. The radio hosts speak about traffic and weather; you could find it quite useful.

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Photo: Brad Higham

Do packing optimistically. Take plenty of short-sleeved T-shirt or dresses (if you’re a lady, of course). Check the weather online. When you write ‘Dubrovnik weather’ to Google Search, the calendar showing the weather for the next seven days will appear. Also, buy a map of Croatia. There’s no point in stressing out and speculating whether or not you should have taken this turn or the other one on the road.

The whole Croatian coast is prone to wind, as is Dubrovnik. The Bura is a type of wind blowing cold gusts with somber conditions during almost the whole year, however it gets the strongest from October to April. Avoid it by staying indoors and get on your feet as soon as it goes away. We hope we didn’t scare you, huh?

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