Dubrovnik history : latin Ragusium (Ragusa)

The town was once a republic and an important trading port. During that time, Dubrovnik was known as Ragusa, a name that had been shaped throughout its history. Republic of Ragusa was founded in 1358, the year this town was set free from The Venetian Republic. Not only the Republic was among first countries to abolish slavery (in 1416), but also had the third biggest and strongest navy in the world, counting around 180 ships. Interesting fact – Dubrovnik (then-Ragusa) leaders were the first to vote for USA’s independence.

In 1667, Ragusa witnessed a strong earthquake that demolished parts of the town-republic. Ottoman Empire’s (today, Turkey) armies tried taking their chances then when the Dubrovnik was wounded to conquer the Republic and win the territory. However, Ragusa managed to withstand their attacks and hold them back. There was nothing else for them to do, but to withdraw. Unlucky, the army of Ragusa was defeated by the Frenchmen in 1806. Nevertheless, Dubrovnik remains an influential center to this day. Let’s explore it, shall we?

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