Dubrovnik beaches: enjoy beaches, bathe and swim

Most of you reading this are going to Dubrovnik for one reason and one reason only – to enjoy beaches, bathe and swim. Dubrovnik’s crystal clear water will make you want to stay a day or two more than you’ve planned for this holiday.

Sveti Jakov beach is a great place to enjoy that water, because it’s not crowded and the fact locals love it just tells you no one can go wrong with this one. How to reach it? Go east from Ploče gate and past Hotel Argentina. When you reach the monastery, take the stairway down to the peaceful beach.

On the other hand, there’s Banje beach, the most popular one in Dubrovnik. This beach is overlooking Dubrovnik’s walls and is the closest to the Old Town. It can get quite crowded, but if you’re looking for amazing views and the best experience in Dubrovnik, you ahead and try. You might just like it, despite lots of people. They’ve made a real business from it, as you have a possibility to rent lounge chairs and umbrellas (two chairs and an umbrella cost 200 Kuna).

Babin Kuk is a big part of Dubrovnik and became convenient for beaches a long time ago. We have singled out two of them – Copacabana and Solitudo. Copacabana is a family beach with a waterpark, which makes it ideal for sporty types.swim bath dubrovnik watter sea sand

There’s a few more we’d like to mention, located in Lapad. Pebble beaches stretch from Hotel Splendid to the Hotel Kompas. Appropriate for families because there’s equipment for kids and slides they can take, Lapad is also never crowded. Book your apartment in one of these hotels – you will be close to the beach and won’t have to worry about transportation within Dubrovnik.

There you go, we’ve introduced you to the charmes of Dubrovnik. Here’s what else to see while enjoying your vacation. For one, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you can book a tour leading you through shooting locations and see the sights of King’s Landing via Trip Advisor. Secondly, start enjoying fine wine by visiting Dubrovnik’s only wine bar, D’Vino.

We could continue, but we’d like you to discover hidden wonders of Dubrovnik by yourself. Hopefully, you’ve learned something new and this will help you during your visit. We wish you a save trip and let us know what was experiencing Dubrovnik for you like!

Photo: majunznkJuan Carlos De Martin

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