Dubrovnik airport : flights to Dubrovnik and taxi transportation

The airport of Dubrovnik is in Čilipi, 15 miles from the town center. One of nine airports in Croatia, the construction began in 1960 and was finished two years later. As a prestigious airport, they plan flights to London, Stockholm, Istanbul and Munich, among othes cities. Please check out http://www.airport-dubrovnik.hr/ for arrival or departure information.

But as a tourist who is (or will be) arriving to Dubrovnik, you must be wondering how to arrange transportation from the airport to the town. Unless, of course, you’d like to walk all that way. ‘Atlas’ bus transportation is one way to do it, as the buses drive after every airplane arrival. You will play 40 Kuna for it. The other two bus companies, ‘Libertas’ and ‘Autotrans/Dalmacija Bus’ offer the same prices. Your last option is taking a cab, although that’s going to cost you significantly more.

Dubrovnik taxies, rent-a-car and bus stations

You won’t need taxies just for airport transportation if you’ll want to do some sightseeing. That’s why we are here. No, we won’t drive you, but rather tell you where you can get the cheapest taxies. Probably the best site to look for taxi transportation is http://dubrovnik-taxi.hr/ – they have a free calling option and often arrange tours. Whether someone is looking for a local tour, transportation from the Old town to your hotel or Port Gruž, it will cost him 12 Euros at most.transportation dubrovnik airport

It’s also possible to rent a car, for Dubrovnik has a couple of such companies. Avax rent-a-car offers mostly Suzuki cars for a 100 Pounds per day. However, the most popular rent-a-car company lately is ORYX, who set their daily rent price at unbeliveable 52 Kuna (7 pounds)! The Peugeot company made possible for you to rent a scooter or a car in Dubrovnik. And they have all kinds of cars, not just Peugeots. Prices range for 10 to 15 Euros, with flexible payment options, possible border crossing and a few other innovative ideas taken upon by Peugeot.

Libertas Dubrtovnik is the only bus agency in the town, driving both inside and outside of Dubrovnik – to Sarajevo, Skopje, Budva, Trieste etc. Their website, libertasdubrovnik.com, is quite simple and gives all important information considering bus lines, timetable and expected travelling time.

Foto: Michael Gaida, Masakatsu Ukon

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